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Coffee For Peace Double Washed Process

Coffee For Peace Double Washed Process

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Coffee for Peace, Inc. (CFP) was established on April 15, 2008 in Davao City. The idea began in 2006 when the founders helped to facilitate an informal conflict mediation, with their whole Mindanao-based peacebuilding network, between certain Migrant and Bangsamoro farming communities. The two groups were involved in an armed conflict for the ownership of several rice fields ready for harvest, regardless of who planted the rice or who really owned the land. Instead of shooting each other, the leaders of the two parties-in-conflict were invited for a dialogue over coffee. Since then, the two communities avoided killing each other. They started inviting other surrounding communities to have coffee together — for peace.



Producer: Coffee For Peace
Variety: Arabica - Catimor
Process: Double Washed
Elevation: ____
Suggested For: Filter Brew and French Press
We Taste: Floral, Crisp Brightness, Berries, Raw Sugar

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