What Are The New Coffee Roasters Trends?

The Roasters: Coffee Trends that You Should Know


One of the best things about drinking coffee is that there is always a push to improve the consumer experience. Whether it’s innovations in roasting methods, brewing methods, or brewing machines, there will always be a new way for you to try to take your coffee experience to the next level.  

With all the trends in coffee right now, it can be hard to find which ones will benefit you. Luckily, our team of expert roasters have been keeping an eye on the best coffee trends out there. 

Here are some of the most interesting coffee trends that you should know. 


Roaster Exclusivity 

Blending coffee beans is a common market practice to help ensure supply and to lower prices. However, as more and more small independent roasters become significant market players, there has been a boom in focusing on sourcing and roasting micro batches of beans from single sources. 

Being the only one to offer a particular variety of coffee, especially one that is received well by the market, will help differentiate a certain roaster and give them a loyal customer base. What’s more, that roaster will be able to create a strong partnership with the farm that they sourced the beans from so that they can have exclusive distribution rights to a particular variety. 


Seasonal Varieties Are Becoming Popular 


Another growing trend in the coffee industry is focusing on the seasonality of beans. Since coffee beans from different countries will mature at different times of the year, many roasters are now offering specific varieties that are in season. This helps ensure that the beans are at their freshest when they reach the consumers. 

Focusing on seasonality can also help roasters build their brands, especially roasters who want to put emphasis on their business during popular holidays. One of the biggest companies that does this well is Starbucks, as they have seasonal varieties during different times of the year. Smaller roasters are also getting in on this trend and starting to offer unique varieties that are only available during certain times of the year, thus increasing their desirability.  


Cold Brew Is Heating Up 


Have you noticed that cold brew is becoming the hot (pun intended) item for many large coffee shops? Whether it’s a plain cold brew or a flavored cold brew, consumers are lining up for a taste of this beverage because it packs a mighty punch! 

Independent roasters who want to offer their customers a better coffee experience would be wise to start offering cold brew on their menu. Cold brewing coffee beans brings out flavor without too much acidity, allowing the nuanced flavors of the beans to come to the surface.  


Whole Beans Are The Next Big Thing 


As more and more people are becoming conscious about coffee quality, another trend to notice is how whole beans can become the norm in supermarkets and groceries. While most people still buy their coffee pre-ground, there is a consensus that buying whole beans allows for longer storage times and fresher coffee.  

Since man grinders and all-in-one coffee makers are affordable and are now being designed for home users, many people are likely to make the switch from buying pre-ground coffee to whole beans to elevate their coffee drinking experience.  



There you have it, some of the most interesting trends that independent roasters are now starting to focus on. Whether or not these trends will actually catch on is anyone’s guess, but you can be sure that they will give your coffee drinking experience a new and interesting twist!  


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