A Cup of Coffee

Most of you might probably know that some of the key people who formed Yellow Turtle Coffee are the same folks who founded Brew Atelier Coffee Studio.

However, probably those who had followed Yellow Turtle from day one don't know that our journey began with a cup of coffee in Brew Atelier, and all of us in YTC values that experience and are always proud to share it to anyone.

Looking back at that cup of coffee—BA’s founder and head roaster, Ron Yu, was among those in Manila who first directly sourced and worked with Marivic Dubria of Balutakay Coffee Farmers Cooperative or BACOFA in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, to introduce to the market their specialty Mt. Apo coffees, back in 2017.


Ron Yu at the World Food Expo 2018


Their coffee was one of the first local specialty coffees that BA offered at their coffee studio. Not only did it become a crowd favorite in their café, but also when Ron served it as espresso-based drinks at the World Food Expo (WOFEX) in 2018.


Marivic Dubria of BACOFA Coffee


Since then, until now, BACOFA continues to work hard in further improving the quality and yield of their produce every year, in an equitable and sustainable way.

Because of this, Ron is kept inspired to continue innovating and developing new roasting techniques to truly represent the quality of BACOFA's Mt. Apo coffees.



As we further venture into the exciting world of coffee, Yellow Turtle Coffee will continue the same practices and principles to show our appreciation to the collective efforts and passion of our coffee farmers.

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